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Top 10 richest people in USA as on today.

Top 10 richest people in USA today.

#1 Elon Musk($230.4 billions)

The man who is always in the news, sometimes for his tweets and sometimes for his purchases. Elon Reeve Musk is business tycoon, as well as
an entrepreneur. Tesla, inc., and SpaceX are his
source of wealth.

Founder and CEO and chief
Engineer of SpaceX and the CEO and product
architect of Tesla, Inc. He is currently the richest person in USA,
and aside from being the richest person in USA, he is also the richest
person in the world. He was recently in news for his controversial Twittter deal.

top 10 richest people in USA

#2 Jeff Bezos ($159 billion)

second richest man
CEO and founder of multinational technology company AMAZON. He is currently the second richest person in USA with net worth of $159 billion. Graduated from Princeton University and a US born entrepreneur and business mogul . He was also included in Fortune’s list of 50 great leaders of the world for three straight years, topping the list in 2015.His crown of the richest person was taken two years back by the founder of spacex and tesla i.e, Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos also won many other awards such as Time’s Person of the year award in 1999, America’s best Person award by U.S News and World Report in 2008, and Businessperson of the y ear by Fortune in 2012.


founder of microsoft
William Henry Gates III, American born software wizard, Investor, and business tycoon. Bill Gates is a school dropout who didn’t finish his university education at Harvard University, after he found his mark in software development. His journey of becoming one of the richest people in USA started when he co-founded the Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates is also known for his exceptional work of social service in many underdeveloped and developing countries . Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, founder of Branded Entertainment network and the CEO of Cascade Investment. His contributions to technology earned several recognitions, Time Magazine named Gates one of the 100 people who most influenced the 20t h century and one of the most influential people of 2004, 2005, and 2006.

#4 MARK Zuckerberg ($117.8 BILLION)

zuckerberg and russian president
Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest, richest, and influential personalities in the world. Cofounder of FACEBOOK. He is also the co-founder of Solar sail spacecraft development project Breakthrough Star shot. Prior to that he also become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire in 2007, at 23 years of age. In 2016, mark Zuckerberg ranked 10 t h on Forbes of The World’s most powerful people.


Warren Edward Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and one of the wealthiest and most successful American Investor and Business mogul in USA and in the world at large.He remained at the of the list for many years but now He is the 7 t h wealthiest person in the world. Warren Buffet was named the top money manager of the twentieth century.
buffet at usa meet


larry elison
Lawrence Joseph Ellison is an American born business tycoon who is the CEO of Oracle Corporation. He founded Oracle Corporation in 1977.He was recently ranked number 10 on the list of world’s wealthiest people. Owner of Lanai, in Hawaiian Islands with over 3000 inhabitants. He was awarded the Golden Plate award of the American Academy of Achievement 1977.He also became the director of the Tesla, Inc board, after he bought 3 million shares in 2018.


larry at european parliamnent
Lawrence Edward Page is the CO-OWNER of GOOGLE. He is a computer scientist, he is the co-creator of PageRank, a search ranking algorithm for Google. He received the Marconi Prize in 2004.


Sergey Brin is an American computer Scientist and co-founder of Google and President Google Parent company, Alphabet, Inc. Brin received many awards for his contribution in the technology and computer world.


steve balmer
Steve Ballmer is an American investor who served as CEO of Microsoft Corporation for 14 years. Presently he is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of NBA (National Basketball Association). After Roberto Goizueta, Steve Ballmer became the second person to become a billionaire in U.S dollars on the basis of stock options received as an employee of a corporation in which he served neither as the chairman or a co -founder.


Alice Walton is an American
heiress to the great Walmart
family fortune. She is a Board
member of the Amon Carter
Museum. She is also the founder
of the Llama Company, an
investment bank where she
served in the capacity of the president, CEO, and chairwoman.

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